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We are hookah designing and producing company. We produce and sell hookahs all around world.

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Take a deep breath and slow down..

Hookah will help you relax and get new perspective. Take a look on things from distance. 

OXYGEN hookah with heat management holder

Take a deep breath.. 

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OXYGEN hookah

Portable and practical hookah

Best features

  • Small and light yet powerful 
  • Magnetic stability stands
  • All metal body
  • Powerful performance
  • Black or white color.


Party hookah designed for show and performance.

Best features

  • Advanced hookah
  • Copper downstem
  • Double branch difuzor 
  • Styling possibilities
  • Very good stability

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Portable hookah

Small but powerful hookah also with heat management holder.

Lounge hookah

Very interesting hookah design for lounges, living rooms or parties. 

Modern tabletop Hookah for smoking tobacco in bars, lounges. LED underlight
Modern tabletop Hookah for smoking tobacco in bars, lounges. LED underlight

Small but powerful hookah also with heat management holder.

Its great to pack your stuff for weekend and add a small package which is your hookah. Portable yet powerful. That’s how OXYGEN hookah is designed. 

why it’s good?

Do you want our hookahs in your lounge?

Hookah preparation can be a show for customers in hookah lounges!

  • Get something interesting for your customers
  • Stable tabletop hookah hard to flip and brake
  • Great show and performance thanks to great design
  • Easy preparation and clean

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Our hookahs are made for lounges and you can get a great show too. Prepare amazing looking set-ups in short time, amaze with looks and performance of our most cooling hookah Hydrogen H2o7 or choose fast service portable hookah on your bar table super quick.

Heat Management Holder 

OZONE hookah

Since 2016 we are working on this “rocket” hookah. Finally it’s in last stage of evolution and ready for it’s first customers. 
Preparing new stuff. 

Our most complex, biggest and coolest hookah built with no limits as very special hookah for lounges. Charge more..

Take a deep breath and prepare for launch . OZONE hookah Delta  is ready for take off.

O3 OZONE hookah version delta2

Current status : Beta testing version delta dust

Take a deep breath..


B2B solution

Quick set-up hookah from fridge , compatible with your work flow, easy to prepare, easy to clean.

Use your fridge to store pre-prepared hookahs and serve them in 6 minutes to your customer.

We also have preparation boards which can hold stable 4-6 heads while preparing them for sessions. Don’t be messy, be safe and stable.

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