Oxygen hookah 2018 (SOLD OUT)


OXYGEN is code name for compact all metal hookah, made with large dimension tubing system to outlive us all. Aluminium body, stainless steel connectors, magnetic base, stability and portability.

Magnetic base makes even such a small hookah very stable. It can be attached on any metal surface or you can choose from OXYGEN magnetic stands. There is the flat one, terrain stand and preparing heavies.

For such a small system, OXYGEN is very powerful and smooth to smoke.



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Here is it for you. Years of traveling, sitting and smoking this hookah made me upgrade it to perfection. Powerful exhaust valve, easy hose connection, magnetic base and bowl connector “Renegade”. Small enough to fit in your fridge to cool down, powerful enough to produce thick smoke, tough enough to make it with you on mountain trip, light enough to take it in backpack, great to smoke all over the world or just chill in your seat back home.

Also in black body color variation. You can actually buy more bodies and switch them. 🙂  One dusty heavy duty for road trips and one nice and clean on your table for home sessions.

Version 2018 has upgraded version of Traitor adapter – Renegade 2.018 is constructed to better fit most hookah bowls. It´s also ashtray ready and it has grip ring, which makes it easier to tighten and open it.

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg
Package includes:

Hookah body, ashtray, magnetic stand and carrying bag

Doesn't include

hookah bowl, hose, mouthpiece, tobacco or HMS

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