Oxygen terrain stand

Hydrogen Terrain stand

Take your hookah outdoor. This is stainless steel magnetic stand with three spikes to put in the ground.. It’s special stand which improve your Oxygen hookah stability when smoking outdoors. Stick it to the sand on a beach to the snow on a mountaintop, step in a ground next to your campfire, sit down and take a deep breath.. It’s stable. Flip it to use on a table.




Hydrogen Terrain stand

This piece of equipment lets you stabilize your session in wild. Just stick to the bottom of your hookah’s magnetic base. Magnet will connect to the stand tight. Place in on a ground, push it down into it a little and take a deep breath..

Oxygen terrain stand is compatible with all the previous version back to 2014.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

Stainless steel

Stability points



Compatible with all previous versions of O2 hookah 2014

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