Few words from inventor:
Hey guys,

I’m hookah inventor making exceptional hookahs in my lab. I started designing my first hookahs because I wanted something cool. and extraordinary.
Hydrogen pipes is my love brand since 2014 when started producing first hookah with hexagonal logo and motto: Take a deep breath..
Since then I work on new features to make my hookahs even better.

In design development I focus on maximum cooling and easy draw.
Visual design is just cherry on top. 🙂

I hope you’ll like my inventions and will have nice time.
Take a deep breath..
Jiri Vrba 

This is my personal Instagram, if you like, you can follow me there too. 🙂

Long history
How did I get to my own hookah brand..
First hookah – patient zero
My aunt brought hookah from vacation. I wanted to put it together and made it work. That was first time I experienced the BUZZ and I was hooked.

Chapter one – DIY hookahs
As I was poor student and actually pretty skilled from growing on farm, building my hookah  was cheap and effective solution. So I started.  First hookahs was mix of cracked glass vase, old rusty tubes, whatever i found. 

Chapter two – braking point – smoking Meduse
Friend of mine invited me for a hookah to Tea Atelier in Czech Budweis. There was the first time I saw majesty of glowing Sepia. She was just floating in the space and pulsing with life with our attention. My mind was full of the experience and I started to think about my own hookah with underlight. 

Chapter three – First prototypes (2011)
Since then I’ve used every university lecture to draw plans of my first prototype. It was complicated and I wanted very special features. Double branch difuzor was the main idea which predefined cubic shape of the hookah. Wide open lid to keep the hookah clean needed sealing mechanism which then led to over sized front and back wall.  After few weeks and months of planning and crafting. I’ve made first working prototype.

Chapter four – Starting Hydrogen pipes
After few years of thinking about it, finally I decided to start my own brand. On my birthday 24th birthday (24.8.2014) I posted first photos of my hookah and introduced logo and brand of Hydrogen pipes.

Chapter five – first years, first mistakes
Nothing is perfect from a first day and even so my hookahs has their fails. First two years on the market were tough. We spent lot of time and money, delivering our product to our first customers.
After few years, we collected lot of feedback. Positive and negative. Important part was to swallow my pride and listen to the negative ones. Therefor I was able to learn from my mistakes and upgrade my products. 

Part six – Product development 
Getting your construction right may take a few years. I started with non-marketable prototype, made first batch, then made some stuff better and so on until I get that right. First version of Oxygen hookah was missing purge valve, and possibility of your own bowl. I took lot of time to think and rebuild my hookahs to perfection. 

Present time 
Today we have perfected our hookahs. It has all I wanted, all you wanted. Production takes place in Czech republic and we ship all around world.
We’re working on some new stuff too.. 😉
If you want see whole development, you can see the EVOLUTION page