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We are hookah designing and manufacturing company based ne Europe. Producing cool hookahs since 2014.

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We are producing hookahs

It is our mission to keep ahead by exploring new ways how to get things done. We are researching new possibilities, proposing new concepts and delivering unique and best up to date solutions.

We started in 2014 by creating first concept models. Since then we continue to gather feedbacks to improve our products.

OXYGEN hookah

Find out why people love our portable hookah

  • Not only for traveling. Powerful for daily use.
  • Small, practical, light and durable.
  • Magnetic bottom and stability stands.
  • Upgrade possibilities and accessories. 

This hookah will surprise you with it’s functionality and practicality. Be up to date with your hookah.

Small and light

Wight is only 1 kilogram and will take minimum space in your backpack.

Magnetic bottom

Stability ensured by strong magnetic base. Variaty of magnetic stands is availible.

All metal body

Thanks to metal body, the hookah is very durable and will not brake as glass.


Even though the hookah is small and compact, it has a power of large hookah.

4 colors

Choose from 4 colors and even get engraving for your hookah. We do initials or full body tatto.

Hydrogen H2o8

Our flagship hookah just has the WOW effect nailed.

Performance is our priority, so this is not just design hookah.


Low center of gravity

Tahnks to to low height, the hooakh is very stable on your table.

Decoration possibilities

Wide open lid will allow you to put in decoration. It is easy to clean too.

Exceptional cooling

Unique downstem made from copper creates screen of bubbles.

easy draw and purge

Short and wide tubing enables the hookah to has deep dive in water.

Underlight options

You can use up to 4 LED modules to underlight your hookah. It will glow.

[dnxtiep_next_image_effect dnxtiep_image=”http://hydrogenpipes.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Preparation-Diamond.jpg” dnxtiep_heading_text=”Just now we have special offer for hookah lounges. ” dnxtiep_description=”

Try our hookah for 220 €.

Valid only for 1 piece per lounge.

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B2B offer of our hookahs 

  • For local hookah  stores
  • For lounges 
  • For influencers

If you are shop or lounge owner, take a look into our bussiness section. We have special pricing for bulk orders of our hookahs

We are here since 2014

Providing our services for years.

Our featured produt

Safety holder for your heat management system. Attach it firmly to your bowl to prevent charcoal burns. Our design and one of our best inventions.

Hydrogen pipes

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Czech republic

If you have questions, we would be happy to make contact: [email protected]
+420 731 968 552 (GMT BH)