Old version vs. new models

You might have seen some different versions of our hookahs. Different bowls, different hoses, connectors. We change them to make them better. Here is the database and evolution line of our hookah models.


Why do I do, what I do?
Because I want better hookahs.
Better cooling, better draw, stability, portability..
That´s why I continue evolving my hookahs. Years of my life dedicated to this project. 



Not only at home. I wanted to smoke anywhere. I wanted to take my hookah with me, there, outside. That´s how the idea to build small durable but still powerful hookah came into the world. Since 2015, I smoked it , use it and found out that it’s not perfect. That’s why I upgraded it to new versions..

Version 2015

First version of portable hookah had just one connector and no purge valve.
– 0,8 m hose 
– no purge valve
– only original bowl
+ original stainless bowl
+ 8k magnet

Version 2016

First upgrade made possible, also there was new purge valve which is amazing still today. 🙂
+ purge valve
+ different bowls possible
– weaker magnet
– small bowl connector

Version 2018

Greatest  version so far. All parts we’re upgraded and lot of new accessories were designed and made. 

+ connector position
+ much better bowl connector
+ ashtray possibility
+ new transport bag
+ new stability stands

Hydrogen H2O4

(2011 – 2014) Concept stage 

Core idea behind this model evolution was to create beautiful glowing hi-tech hookah focused on maximal cooling and filtration of the smoke. It was build around it’s  wide copper difuzor and short stem. Few years after the sketch, there was first few pieces built and sold.  It is rare original piece.

H2o5 – Argon


This version was a step back. Transformation into serial production wasn’t very successful. Almost 60% of all built hookahs had a critical fault and was leaking. This was very hard time, for the project which suffered serious loss. After we almost ended, we managed to get up and came up with patched version H2o6.

H2O6 – Argon | patched

(2016 – 2018)

Patched release of the Hydrogen hookah called Argon. Argon was supposed to take over and fix the critical fault of previous batch, but had his own issues too.

+ fixed body water leaks
+ upgraded mouthpieces
+ side mouthpiece holder
– bad hose connectors 
– unstable ashtray
– weak airlock

Hydrogen H2O7 

(2018 – 2020)

Version H2o7 was the first and most stable version without any serious issues. First upgrade are stainless steel connectors (older was plexi). New is also ashtray which is removable and self standing. Most hookahs from this version ended up in Japan.

Hydrogen H2O8

Coming up before Christmas 2020

To develop the latest version, we approached technological innovation centre. It is going to be best version ever.


Innovation was supported 

Cooperation with technological innovation centre was co-funded from 
Moravian-Silesian Region technological fund.