OXYGEN hookah



Light and durable metal body will not break. Having weight under 1 kg, you can take it anywhere.

Magnetic base makes even such a small and light hookah stable. It can be attached on any metal surface or it’s original stands.

Great performance is a key feature. Thanks to carefully balancing it’s size / performance ratio. You will get compact hookah with impressive performance.

This is OXYGEN hookah.

Smoke all over the world or just chill while gaming.

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OXYGEN hookah

Best Features

Portability and durability

The hookah is very light and compact, but also very sturdy and hard to break.
Aluminium bottle with total volume 750 ml is easy to fill and easy to clean.
Due to a compact and bottle like design, it’s very easy to prepare your hookah.
You can take it anywhere and don't worry to brake it.
The basic package weights only 1 kilogram. 


Despite it’s small size, the hookah has a great performance. Fluent draw with great response achieved by keeping tubing diameters optimal.
300 - 350 ml of cold water will give you enough cooling power for 40 -60 minutes sessions. If you'd need to boost your cooling,  you can get extra power by placing the metal body in cold water. This hookah was build using physics to enhance it's performance..

Magnetic stability

OXYGEN hookah has integrated 8k magnet in bottom for stability. You can place and attach the hookah to any metal, or use stability stands..
The hookah also fits in most cup holders.

For such a small hookah, OXYGEN is very powerful and smooth to smoke. That is secured by keeping tubing diameters optimal. We raised maximum amount of water in the bottle up to 330 ml. This is enough for regular session. If you'd as experienced smoker needed more cooling power, you can use external cooling by placing the body in cold water.

Package contains:

  • 750 ml metal hookah body
  • magnetic stability stand
  • teardrop ashtray
  • transport sack
  • hose connector

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg
Package includes:

Hookah body, hose connector, ashtray, magnetic stand and carrying bag

Doesn't include

hookah bowl, hose, mouthpiece, tobacco or HMS


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